I'm in a human being

Performance art has become a new form of expression in my life. Moving my body is like breathing air, and their has been times in my existence that I would label myself as a "dancer". Performance art is RAW, it takes away all of the boxes, barriers, walls, creating a medium to communicate with the human vessel. Stripping away the layers of protection and getting to the core of ones experience on this earth. 



When I shine, 
Free from fear and judgement, 
I align into being anything.

Happiness and hatred wheel about inside, 
Ebbing flow of joy and pride.
Question posed to self:
life's daring adventure; to be alive.

Open container snuffed for lack of substance.
Afraid to recieve, timidity and fear of vulnerability blocked me.
Why did I settle for strife?
How I valued the facade, what comfort I found in habit.
There is no guarentee, no safety or certinty my path will lead my dream into being.

How can I remain here? 
Grasp towards the void, struggle, fail, watch my spirit fall. 
Yet nothing can stop this flame I've ignited.
Watch it burn, fuck I'm so excited. 
Shine, Shine, Shine
For fucks sake 

Even as these words flow,
Questions present to embrace these feelings stirring inside, 
Or do I hide in my contrived lie so I can feel safe while I watch myself die?
Then I remember I don't need to see the end of my line, end of my life.
My beauty and joy reside in the ride. 

by | Cooper Paradise

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