D.A.R.E. to be you

Nothing feels better then the breeze between my knees on a hot day in DTLA. Once again I am pushing the envelope of oxymoron with this look. I think that most men are intimidated by wearing a dress or skirt because it will make them look feminine. I feel quit the opposite, in fact I think a man who  can pull off a skirt and remain masculine is pretty confident in who they are. putting sexuality aside at the core of everyone we have both masculine and feminine energy. Denying this will only push you farther away from your true self. Have fun playing with both your feminine and masculine energy & D.A.R.E. to be you.

 I chose to wear this full length skirt with a traditional print to stay true to the heritage of the scottish kilt. Kilts were originally the formal wear of the Sottish military. They symbolize power and have been warn by men in scotland since the early 1700's. The boots were given to me by my father (after he had used them to support a sprained ankle). They are standard U.S. combat boots. The bomber jacket is by Alpha. Juxtaposing all the garments together to serve something of a military montage if you will. The skull and diamond ring are from one of my favorite stores in Portland, Rock n' Rose. I found the pinky ring in Mexico, silver & fire opal (it possesses magic). 

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