FW13 Look Book | Clumsy Cat


When I first moved to LA 2 years ago I walked into Clumsy Cat on a whims before going into work one day in Hollywood. I met this foxy girl working named Roxy (right side in last photo) and we chatted. I told her that I was a dancer I wanted to to pursue modeling. She was a former model and gave me some insight on her experience. 2 years later I get a text message from Roxy asking me if I would model for Clumsy Cats Fall/Winter 2013 Look Book.

The universe is seamless. I love watching the cycle of manifestation in my life. It all starts with knowing what you want, planting the seed and stating aloud to the cosmos "I am...". You don't need a degree from the universe to give you permission to open the doors to your future. Visualize yourself in undeniable detail doing exactly what it is you want to do. You have power beyond measure, do not fear   the unknown. We are all lights finding our way through endless chasms. The answers we seek are within. You hold the key to unlocking the ABYSS.

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