A Club Called Rhonda | Miracles Club

After living in North Hollywood for two years I decided to go home for the Summer of 2012. I packed all my shit inside diamond (A-to-B) & made the long-hall back to Portland, Origami. I was determined to redefine myself as an artist. Exploring my expression in fashion, music, and movement.

One of the first people I met back home was the captivating Ms. HoneyO. At the time she was working in a vintage shop called Rad Summer. It was one of those instant connections, YOU KNOW - when you feel like you have known the person for years in the first 10 minutes of talking to them. I told her I was a dancer and we discussed our homogeneous love for VOGUE dance and culture. Throughout the course of the summer I had the privilege of performing with Honey and the Miracles Club at Capitol Hill Block Party, PDX POP, and Holocene night club with the legendary Mike Q. They became family and opened my eyes to a world of people who had no boundaries of expression. Art, music, fashion, and movement combined forces. I could dress however I felt and be recognized as a Individual. Magic existed on the dance floor for those who believed.

When they told me that they were performing in LA I knew that it was going to me a night for the year books. They introduced me to Rhonda for the first time and I couldn't resist cutting a rug with my family. 

The people in my life and the experiences that I share are what make up the puzzle pieces of my life. I am so greatful for the pure souls that I have been influenced by in my short lifetime. I will never stop believing in what I discovered in Portland Summer 2012. 

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