Make way for the imperial - signifiCUNTS digest this material
I'm eating all you bitches up for cereal 
I'm a killa in Margiela
Banjee on da loose 
I'll walk the runway with a noose
What's the use
Work ya body-body like a masseuse
Throw up your white flag time to call a truce

Coppin' Balenciaga
Your coins at nada
This could be a problem 
Eatin' up designers like a goblin 
Pieces release my tension 
Credit card damage intervention 
I'm just a greedy victim artificial like the system (echo)

Would you really sell your soul just to get a hold of dat new shit
Fool quit
Who you trying to impress
The empress
Your worth is not determined by your clothes
Close your eyes 
It's time to visualize
Your beauty lies within
Strip down to your skin
We seek external validation
It's time for material menstruation


Photography | Mercy Mcnab

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