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With summer quickly approaching I decided to move around some furniture and get rid of anything taking up space or blocking the flow of energy in my apartment. I cannot express enough to you how much more organized my thoughts and feelings are after making a few simple changes. I have always been aware of the difference I felt in a clean/organized space versus a dirty/cluttered environment. But when you actually make the time to show your home some love, the dirt is removed from your lens. Your perspective becomes crystal clear. The power of making a space yours and radiating your health and positive energy is GOLDEN. In all reality the place that you live is one huge reflection of your existence on this planet. The way that you treat your space is ultimately the way that you treat yourself. 

I wanted to share with you "The Art of Flow". By no means am I an expert on Feng Shui but here are 5 easy ways to bring flow into your home and clear your mind. 

1. Clear out the clutter in your home. Get rid of anything that you don't love or is taking up unnecessary space. For most people this is going to be the most difficult step. But once you start to release the attachment of these material possessions a weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

2. Let the sun in you vampire! Open the windows and allow the sunlight and fresh air to enter your home. This is one of the most influential ways to bring in Feng Shui energy. 

3. Move around furniture and pay attention to how the different arrangements affect the flow of energy. Make sure nothing blocks the flow of energy at the front door. 

4. Remove any technology (computer, television, ect.) or equipment not directly associated with your bedroom. These things take away from your relaxation. Your room should be a place of peace and rest. 

5. Be mindful and start to pay attention to the feel of your home. Pump lots of love into your home so that it may radiate back into your life. 

For more insight on Feng Shui this is the best article I have found yet. 

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