P | O | R | T | L | A | N | D 


                       N | O | R | T | H | W | E | S | T      

I get goosebumps when I think about my trip home in March. Sometimes you seriously take things for granted until you leave and come back with a fresh perspective. This has been my relationship with  Portland ever since I moved to Los Angeles. Every time I go back my cup is filled to the brim.

I was able to bring my LA tribe to the roots of my being. Justin Conte, Nadine Olmo, Jesus Coca, and myself shared our movement with Vega Dance+Lab, The Jefferson Dancers, Groove Nation, Element Dance, and Dance NorthWest. It was beautiful dancing and sharing with open minded students, eager to absorb everything we had to offer. After 4 days of non-stop teaching, choreographing, and traveling we decided to spend our last day in Pacific City on the Oregon Coast.

My folks have a beach home "Temple" 15 minutes inland of the coast that my father designed and built. After a night of laughter, tears, and comfort with my family we caught major Z's. Our last day I took my tribe to a secret childhood spot I call "Mermaids Cove". We spent the day with our feet in the sand and our hearts to the sky. A portal was opened in our third eye, unlocking mysteries of the universe. My love for humanity, this planet, and my own existence were crystal clear. 

This is just the beginning of my journey. I know my purpose on this planet and I will remain present, fulfilling this until the day I log off.

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